Yemen In Need

The Yemini civil war is one of the deadliest and least reported conflicts of our time; according to the UN, 10,000 civilians were killed in Yemen in just two years. The humanitarian situation in Yemen is becoming increasingly dire. In 2015, CNN reported that over 10million Yeminis were deprived of food, water and electricity as a result of the conflict. In 2016, according to NGO Save the Children, the destruction of healthcare facilities and a healthcare system on the brink of collapse, as a result of the war, will cause an estimated 10,000 preventable child deaths annually. Some 1,219 children have died as a direct result of the conflict so far. At least 10 million Yeminis are in urgent need of medical supplies, potable water, food, shelter and other forms of support.


Active Projects in Yemen:

Food parcels inside Yemen

17 million Yemenis (or 60 percent of the population) are food insecure, of which 7 milion people are severly food insecure. Lack of access to the people who urgently need food assistance, compounded by a shortage of funding, means that famine is a real possibility for millions of people. MiN is on the ground in Sa'na, Taiz and the Hudaidah province to provide a life-line to the Yemeni people in the form of monthly food parcels to poverty stricken families.

Each food parcel costs £30 delivered.

Medical Packs

The medical packs are individually tailored medicines for children already in hospitals. The hospitals and Doctors are free but the medicines are not. This is why children who are ill do not get better because their parents cannot afford the medicines.  We work with hospitals on the ground to identify children who need medicines to be paid for them to complete their treatment. 

Many of the illnesses that the children die from ARE treatable but the medicine needed to cure them is out of reach to those with little means to pay for them. These children need not die.

The average cost has been approximated to £25.

"And whoever saves [the life of] one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely". [Quran 5:32]

Water Project

Already a scarce commodity, the impacts of climate change and war are depleting the water supply in Yemen at an accelerated rate. As the amount of water withdrawn from wells reached unsustainable levels, water became more scarce and prices rose; it became unaffordable for most of the poverty-stricken population. In 2015, experts estimated that 13 million Yemenis, or 50 percent of the population, struggle daily to have enough clean water for basic necessities.

You can help provide a family with monthly water refills for just £15 a month. £150 will help provide a water tank of 30,000 litres for an entire neighbourhood.

"We made from water every living thing". [Quran 21:30]


Mobile Malnourishment Clinic & Malnutrition Treatment

Since the beginning of the war, a staggering 85,000 children have died from extreme hunger or avoidable illnesses and a child continues to die every 10 minutes.

The shortage of food has led to an increasing number of children suffering from malnutrition/acute malnutrition, a deadly illness that is entirely both avoidable and treatable. 

To tackle these avoidable deaths, MIN has set up a Mobile Malnutrition Clinic to go out into the rural areas to treat children who may be suffering from malnutrition/acute malnutrition. The clinic has three main functions:

  • Providing a malnourished/acutely malnourished child with the correct specialised malnutrition milk formula following a medical assessment by a trained malnutrition Doctor.
  • Train parents to spot early signs of malnutrition.
  • Providing medical assistance for any other illnesses the child may be suffering from. 

A Mobile Malnutrition Clinic is set up to treat 50 children and costs £500 at a cost of £10 per child.

Aid Containers: Unity4Yemen

Yemen today is a broken country, the destruction of civilian infrastructure and restrictions on food and fuel imports have led to 21 million people being deprived of life-sustaining commodities and basic services.

We need your help in getting a 40ft container of aid into Yemen. It costs almost £14,000 to fill a container with 70 pallets of food and urgent baby supplies and to cover the logistics of getting the container into Yemen. Help us get to 70 pallets!

£200 will buy a pallet of life-saving food or vital baby supplies.