Yemen In Need

The Yemini civil war is one of the deadliest and least reported conflicts of our time; according to the UN, 10,000 civilians were killed in Yemen in just two years. The humanitarian situation in Yemen is becoming increasingly dire. In 2015, CNN reported that over 10million Yeminis were deprived of food, water and electricity as a result of the conflict. In 2016, according to NGO Save the Children, the destruction of healthcare facilities and a healthcare system on the brink of collapse, as a result of the war, will cause an estimated 10,000 preventable child deaths annually. Some 1,219 children have died as a direct result of the conflict so far. At least 10 million Yeminis are in urgent need of medical supplies, potable water, food, shelter and other forms of support.


Active Projects in Yemen:

Food parcels inside Yemen

17 million Yemenis (or 60 percent of the population) are food insecure, of which 7 milion people are severly food insecure. Lack of access to the people who urgently need food assistance, compounded by a shortage of funding, means that famine is a real possibility for millions of people. MiN is on the ground in Sa'na, Taiz and the Hudaidah province to provide a life-line to the Yemeni people in the form of monthly food parcels to poverty stricken families.

Each food parcel costs £50 delivered.