Syria In Need

The majority of the charity’s efforts have been concentrated in Syria since the war was first waged in May of 2011. 6 years of unabated war has seen thousands of homes destroyed, families displaced, civilians injured and lives lost. The ongoing war is not showing any signs of abating and currently, the death toll stands at around a million recorded deaths, but the real figure is suspected to be almost double that as bodies are constantly being retrieved from under the rubble from almost daily bombardment. In 2016, Syria’s population was 17 million and it’s estimated that 4.9 million civilians have fled the violence to neighbouring countries; Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey. 12 million civilians are still living in a war zone without access to food, water, healthcare and in some cases, adequate housing and it is a constant challenge finding the limited supply of food and resources amongst the snipers and bombs just to make it through another day. There are currently millions of people living in besieged areas of Syria, many are suffering from extreme starvation. MiN volunteers undergo intense efforts to reach these people; a MiN volunteer was martyred attempting to reach those in need in the besieged area.

MiN aims to provide for their basic needs in the interim, but ultimately, our aim is to rebuild their lives so that they can become self-sufficient and bring some normality and dignity back in to their lives. MiN doesn’t want to just change lives; we aim to re-build them into something better.


Our Latest Appeal: Orphan Village No. 8

Partnering with One Solid Ummah (Syria) & Merciful Group (Australia), we’re launching our 2nd village (8th OSU Village) for hundreds of more orphans and widows. This project will take OSU’s tally to 250 homes built in past 3 years MashaAllah!! This project will include: Building 50 quality homes, all to be furnished, lovely playground, Masjid and Quran school, Deepwater well, electric generator and solar panels, recreational hall. OV 8 is situated just meters away from our orphan village 6, whereby the children will be able to attend OSU’s school in that village.

We ask everyone to get involved by donating, fundraising and sharing. As we live in comfort, let us share what Allah gave us with others. We aim to live in a world where not one child or family is ever in need InshaAllah.

Active Projects in Syria:

Orphan Village in conjunction with One Solid Ummah

Many thought it was a pipe dream. But today, with your donations, MiN and OSU have succeeded in housing Syrian orphans in a safe, loving, caring and secure environment away from the bombs and snipers. Village 2 houses a total of 120 Syrian orphans inside Syria's Atmeh Camp. The orphans now live in a gated community with 24/7 security where all their needs are met. The village is connected to OSU Oprhan village 1 which accommodates a Masjid, school, clinic, supermarket and even a toy shop.  Children have access to these facilities every day. These children, who have been through so much can finally begin to put the past behind them and enjoy the rest of their childhood as children, not victims of war. MiN isn’t just helping to change their lives; we want to re-build them.

Flour and Bread Factory

MiN supplies flour to a bread factory in Syria which provides over 100,000 people with free bread. For many, this bread factory is a lifeline and without it, thousands would go hungry, so your regular donations to keep this factory running are vital.

Muslims In Need uses your regular and one-off donations for the Bread Factory project to purchase flour in either the U.K. or from Turkey (depending on donor preference) and then this is transported to the bread factory inside Syria. The factory also provides a form of sustainable living as many Syrians are employed to run the bakery and this regular income allows them to live a self-sufficient life with dignity without having to rely on food parcels and handouts.

Cost of flour if purchased from Turkey.

Price Bags of Flour Weight No of Families Fed
£15 1 50kg 60
£150 10 500kg 600
£300 20 1000kg 1200
£7500 500 25 Tons – 1 Full Truck 30,000

Medical Supplies for Hospitals

There are only a handful of operational hospitals that remain in Syria and with little to no access to medical equipment and supplies, coupled with a severe shortage of doctors and other medical staff, medical help offered to victims of bomb blasts and shootings is well below sub-par. Hospitals are severely lacking basics like bandages, scalpels and tubing. MiN has worked closely with volunteers with contacts in the NHS to cost-effectively source much needed medical supplies. To date we have sent several’ containers of medical aid and amongst the aid sent, there was a complete x-ray room, an infant incubator, oxygenators and packets of Celox, which are vital, life-saving haemostatic ‘patches’ that can be applied to a wound to stop severe life-threatening bleeding.

Dar Al Arqam - Helping Our sisters overcome the trauma of war

Women and young girls have had to endure atrocities that the rest of us couldn't even begin to imagine. Rape, torture, violence, homelessness, poverty, disfigurement and disability. With no-one to support them and no-one to help them overcome the atrocities they've experienced themselves and others they've witnessed, they are living their lives in a solitary and dark limbo suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). OUR SISTERS are lonely, depressed, afraid, suicidal, poor and are left feeling hopeless. Muslims In Need has begun the undertaking of this project which is the first of it’s kind inside Syria. We aim to provide those most affected with depression, mental health issues and PTSD with the professional psychiatric and medical help they so desperately need. This will help them to regain their mental health and personal well-being in order to turn their lives around and overcome the devastating effects the war has had on their lives and the lives of those closest to them.

Food Parcels

MiN is actively delivering much needed food parcels for families in East Ghouta, Khan Sheikhoun, rural Aleppo, Idlib and the Atimeh Refugee camp. These food parcels are a lifeline to many families who just don’t have the access or the means to obtain food. By giving an emergency food parcel you will be helping to feed a family for a whole month. Our food parcels are packed with essentials such as pulses and beans, rice, oil, flour as well as tinned vegetables and fish.

As little as £15.99 will provide a family of 5-7 people with food for a whole month

Free Charity Shops– “A Place of Happiness”

The One Solid Ummah orphan village also houses a free charity shop called “A Place of Happiness”. The shop is packed with toys, clothes, shoes, bags, school items and other essential items needed for children. The shop run a ticket based system allowing the children to ‘purchase’ their items in a dignified way to bring some normalcy back to their lives. The items in the shop are provided by the Container Projects along with general donations.

Gift a smille to a child for as little as £10


Our registered charity partners in Turkey are instrumental in facilitating containers into Syria from all over the U.K. With your donations, we can continue to cover the costs of getting these containers from the U.K. to where they are needed; inside Syria. These containers are stocked with donations from individuals, churches, mosques and even some schools. To date (June 2018), we have sent 89 40ft containers packed with food, medical aid, clothes, shoes, blankets, even an x-ray machine, oxygenators and much, much more.

Orphan Sponsorship

For as little as £20 a month you can sponsor an orphan inside Syria, housed in the MiN and OSU village. 
Your sponsorship will include accommodation, schooling, food, clothing and Islamic education.  Children are the MiN and OSU villages are taken care of by Abdul Lateef Khaled who houses hundreds of orphans from all over Syria, many whom have lost one or more parent.