Somaliland In Need

The region has been starved of rain for more than three years. More than half of the country's 18 million livestock animals have already died due to lack of water and food. The years long drough has forced 6.5 million people into famine. Doctors, in very basic hospitals with very little resources, try their best to treat the ever-increasing numbers of unconscious and severely malnourished children being admitted to the hospital. Doctors are trying their best to stave off what will soon be a full-blown humanitarian crisis. 

Active Projects in Somaliland:

Livestock for self-sustainability

In a country where most of the population are live-stock farmers, MIN are looking to implement more long-term solutions like building wells that could sustain livestock that we have purchased for them. This would drastically improve their quality of life and help them become independent and more self-sufficient. 

Food Parcels & Medical Assistance

In May 2017, a team of MIN volunteers travelled to Somalia to help the famine stricken families due to the long drought. The years long drought has affected more than 6.2 million people who are currently in a state of food insecurity and also suffering from a severe lack of access to clean water.

The team on the ground traveled to the most remote places to deliver food packages and water where it was most needed. We were also able to provide much needed medication against Cholera. Food and water is still urgently needed and with your continued donations, we can continue helping them.