Rohingya In Need

Over 700,000 Rohingya people have fled the persecution and violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. Many have fled to the refugee camps, on the borders with Bangladesh. They fled having to leave everything they owned behind. After walking for days, they arrive at the borders sick, tired and exhausted with no food, water, shelter or medical assistance. Muslims In Need has responded to the crisis.


Active Projects in Rohingya:

Food Parcels, kitchens and Ramadhan meals

With no means to purchase food, the refugees are reliant on food packs. Each food pack feeds a family for a month. It is estimated to date, that 6000 families have benefited from these food packs, but with 700,000 refugees living in the many Bangladeshi refugee camps, this isn’t even a drop in the ocean. With your continued donations, we aim to provide more families with food packs and also to be able to carry out periodical distributions so they are not left for periods without receiving a food pack. 

Food parcel can cost as little as £15 to £25 depending on the need and size of the families.


When the MiN team first arrived in the refugee camps, it was found that ‘accommodation’ the refugees were living in were nothing but bits of plastic strung over bamboo struts. These ‘huts’ were so inadequately constructed that many had collapsed just weeks after construction. The Mi

MiN team spent a lot of time researching for a housing solution that was suitable for Rohingya people. We wanted to make sure that any housing solution we provided was humane and fit for their needs. We have now constructed over 400 shelter homes in the refugee camps. These shelters are spacious with two rooms and a separate kitchen/cooking area. Each shelter costs £650 to build.

Medical Camps and Surgical Assistance

Life in the camps is hard and people very easily fall ill, especially the very young and very old. With a team of Drs from the UK and a whole truck load of pain relief, antibiotics and other medicines, the MiN team set up their very first medical tent in the camp. The influx of patients requiring medical assistance was far greater than we could ever have anticipated.

As a result of the patients coming to the camps seeing medical assistance, the MiN team realised there was an urgent need for Surgical assistance. Many of the refugees that arrived at the camps, arrived with life-threatening injuries. Some were suffering with burns, machete wounds and even gunshot wounds. The MiN team were able to facilitate other charities and teams of surgeons and doctors and get a local Bangladeshi hospital on board to help provide life-saving and life-changing surgery for the most urgent medical cases.  

If you would like to sponsor a medical camp for £1000 or contribute towards one please donate now.  


Water related issues are a silent killer in refugee camps as disease and contamination become widespread. Over 10,000 children have been effected with acute diarrhoea with these numbers set to rise if preventative action is not taken. Alhamdulilah MiN have constructed over 15 communal wells and our aim is to keep on raising enough to continue to provide each ‘Sector’ of the refugee camps with safe clean drinking water. This project will not only save lives but will also act as Sadaqah Jariyah with on-going reward for you and/or a loved one.
Each communal well costs £4,000, you may donate for a share in this InshaAllah.


Amongst the Rohingya refugees, almost 50% are 16 or under. Thousands are orphans and unaccompanied children who became separated from their families on the journey to the camps. These minors are at serious risk of child trafficking, child labour, abuse and forced marriage to name but a few risks.

MiN have established an Orphanage for these very children which provides them with accommodation, food, and education. Your continued donations will help the running of the orphanage and provide this lifeline for years to come.