Pakistan In Need

MiN is carrying out humanitarian efforts in Pakistan to support poverty-stricken families, the disabled and long-term sick as well as children. Pakistan suffers from abject poverty and the country has both inefficient and inadequate infrastructure and resources to support those in desperate need. MiN, with your donations, has been able to help provide food parcels, water pumps, and medical assistance to some of the most neediest people.


Active Projects in Pakistan:

Water Bores

To obtain a long term reliable source of water, water bores generally go to a depth of 250 - 300 ft, depending upon the geological composition of that particular location.
Motorised bores allow families instant access to safe, clean drinking water.
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are checked by Sufi water plant or Ittehad chemical plant to ensure the water is 100% safe to drink.

Hand pumps will not go as deep, often requiring regular maintenance due to air becoming trapped, which can result in issues with longevity.
Alhamdulillah, upto May 2020, Min have provided 280 families with water which is safe to drink. This includes communal bores providing a source of free clean water for small neighbourhoods.

These bores have been constructed in various poverty stricken areas such as Sheikhpura, Kori, Shezad Colony and Salamtpura to name a few.

The beneficiaries of these bores are struggling families, often consisting of daily wage workers and widows.

£300 will be able to pay for a bore that serves upto four families

£1300 will be able to pay for a communal bore that can serve many families in a small area.

Sa’d ibn ‘Ubadah reported: I said, “O Messenger of Allah, my mother has died. Shall I give charity on her behalf?” The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Yes.” I asked “Which charity is best?” The Prophet replied, “A drink of water.”

Source: Sunan al-Nasā’ī 3664

Humanitarian efforts in Pakistan

The assistance that MiN provides, comes in many forms.

We provide assistance via food parcel distribution, the building of communal water pumps as well as wells, build/repair homes, fund life-changing and life-saving surgery, clear debts, contribute to the cost of weddings, purchases of market carts for sellers and even buy livestock for the neediest families.

We aim to provide assistance that will lead to long-term sustainability.

Food and Water Projects

MiN have been providing the most poverty-stricken families in Pakistan with monthly food parcels, water and medical attention.

As little as £25 will feed a family for a whole month, provide them with medical aid or basic necessaties to help ease their hardship.

Child Exploitation Prevention Project

MiN is engaged with the Child Protection & Welfare Bureau (CPWB) to tackle child exploitation in Pakistan. The project, currently operational in Rawalpindi, identifies and locates children who are being sexually exploited. With the help of local government forces, identified children are then rescued (off the street or from their captors) and given accommodation in a safe and protected care home specifically for abused children.

The CPWB helps provide the children in the care with access to child psychologists and counselors who help their mental rehabilitation as well as improving their personal well-being. With your donations, MiN is able to help provide the children with clothes, food, books, stationery, toys and, most importantly, an education. Donations are also used for classroom equipment (chairs, tables, blackboards), air conditioning units and to repair and maintain the care home so that it can continue to provide suitable and long-term living accommodation and schooling for the children for as long as they need it. MiN doesn’t just want to take these children off the street, we want to eradicate the circumstances that lead them to be on the streets and exploited in the first place.

Our hope is that the care home will give them hope and open up opportunities for their futures upon completion of their education. This can only happen if you continue to support this initiative with your much-needed donations.

In the first phase of this project has now been completed, the care home is catering for 60 children.  With increased donations, we can begin to plan phase two with ongoing help even more children off the streets by proving their families with support and sustainable income so their children do not have to be exploited ever again.

Dar Al Khair - House of Goodness

Child marriages are a very common occurrence in Pakistan with 21% of girls being married before the age of 18. This is partly due to lack of education, poverty and due to girls being seen as a burden on a family, especially in the South Asian subcontinent. The issue is widespread throughout Pakistan and a huge amount of government reinforcement and finance is needed to tackle this issue head-on.

After the success of Dar Al Arqam in Syria, Muslims In Need are now working on a unique project in Pakistan; Dar Al Khair. Our very own women’s and children’s community centre. A safe and gated centre which will provide women and children with free academic and Islamic education, Quran Hifz, instilling Tawhid, Islamic Studies, skills for life and practical help to live independently, a confidential advice centre for health concerns, emotional support and assistance for women who are victims of domestic violence, abuse and social injustice. A centre which will have multiple benefits and services and multiple rewards.

Our vision is to offer sisters, widows, divorcees, single parents and their children opportunities for lifelong education and a safe haven to go to in their time of need. We have been donated a building and land for this amazing project and all that is needed is funds to make this vision come alive.