Occupied Kashmir

Occupied Kashmir In Need

Years of political instability, high rates of inflation, a devastating earthquake in 2005 and the military Indian occupation of Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Ladakh, since it began its administration over the area in 2010, has made life very difficult for the communities of Occupied Kashmir. The occupation by the Indian Army has been heavily criticised by the UN due to their frequent violations of human rights and abuses. Inhabitants of Occupied Kashmir are subjected to a Military curfew which heavily restricts their ability to go to work or earn a living or even get an education. The population of Occupied Kashmir are suffering from extreme poverty and a severe lack of necessities. Basic necessities like water, food and medical aid are either hard to come by or sold at over-inflated prices. As a result, there are many communities in Kashmir who are struggling in their daily lives and cannot get by without assistance. 73% of people do not have access to basic healthcare, 43% of children are not in school and unsafe water causes thousands of infant deaths every year. MIN will be widening their humanitarian aid to reach the occupants in Kashmir, in sha Allah, to provide the safe drinking water and food they so desperately need along with medical assistance.


Future Projects in Pakistan:

Food, Water and Medical Assistance

MiN will endeavour to provide the most poverty-stricken families in Occupied Kashmir with monthly food parcels, water and medical assistance.

We envisage that from as little as £25, you can help feed a family for a whole month, provide them with medical aid or basic necessaties to help ease their hardship.