Life-Saving & Emergency Operations

MiN on the ground, in places like Syria, Gaza, Bangladesh, Lebanon and Pakistan, often come across cases where individuals, mainly children, require urgent, life-saving operations.


Case Study 1

Meet Usmaan, an 18-month boy who accidentally fell from his rooftop in Pakistan, with Usmaan struggling to breathe or gain consciousness, too poor to even afford the rickshaw to a city hospital his mother cried for help.  Our team on the ground wasted no time in getting Usmaan the help he needed in order to survive.  Hospital reports showed Usmaan had broken his ribs, fractured his skull and punctured his lungs.  Usmaan since has recovered well and his mother's prayers are being sent to those who helped saved Usmaan's life.


Case Study 2

Sadly not all cases have a happy ending like Usmaan's. Maysaa, a 7-year-old girl from Yemen. Maysaa was suffering with cancer, liver problems and a brain tumour. She was in need of £3500 for treatment that required three separate operations. It took a long time for her medical case to come to someone’s attention and then further time to raise the funds required. Our donors helped raise enough funds for the first of three operations. Despite having lost her sight in one eye, the operation was a success. The costs for her second follow-up surgery were being raised when sadly, this beautiful and innocent little soul lost her battle and left this world.                                            

There are many children out there like Hassan and Maysaa who need emergency operations but sadly, their parents are not in a position to afford this. It is only with your donations that MIN will be able to help other children in the future who require urgent operations.            


Case Study 3

Since the influx of Rohingya arrived in Bangladesh MiN have been providing life-saving medical aid and operations. MiN has been facilitating local and international doctors, surgeons, nurses and dentists including world renounced Dr. David Notts and his surgical team.   Below are just a few images of the horrific injuries the innocent victims of Rohingya had to endure, medical teams worked around the clock to help ease their pain.

Warning: Some images may be distressing.