Lebanon In Need

Lebanon is currently hosting almost 2 million refugees many of whom have been forced to flee violence and war in their own countries; Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Sudan. The country does not have the infrastructure to house many of the refugees so many are forced to live in limbo in overcrowded, under-resourced and poorly constructed refugee tents/make-shift houses. With no freedom to leave the refugee camps for someplace better or to even seek employment, many families have no way of providing for themselves and their children.

On The Ground In Lebanon

MiN visited refugee camps in Bekka Valley in Lebanon in 2017, the situation was overwhelming, witnessing some of the worst

Conditions Syrians families had to endure. Lack of food, clothing and basic necessities, no solid housing, and temperatures,

Plummeting during the winter months, the need is immense especially with very little presence of charities on the ground.

The findings of our assessments were food, clothes and tent insulations a high priority,

Active Projects in Lebanon:

Food Parcels & Containers inside Lebanon

MiN is working with its partners on the ground in Lebanon and using your donations to provide food parcels to feed a family for a month. For many, this is a life-line, without which they would not survive. The MiN team, to date, has sent 5 containers of much-needed aid; anything from food and medicine to blankets and clothing. We can only continue supporting these families with your continued donations.