About Us

Muslims In Need

Muslims In Need is a 100% non-profit volunteer group that is committed to providing vital and life-saving humanitarian aid around the world.

Striving for The Needy

Our goal is just that! We tirelessly and constantly strive to provide long term and sustainable relief as well as provide emergency humanitarian assistance.  We aim to help rebuild lives; not just change them.                                                                    

100% Donation Policy

All the charity’s admin costs are covered by:

  • Donations specified for administration. This ensures the 100% donations policy is maintained.
  • Clothing banks are a great source of income for the charity. All the proceeds from the sales of clothes received, not in a re-useable/donate-able state are sold to help cover the administration costs of the charity. This is vital in allowing Muslims In Need to maintain its 100% donations policy.
  • Tax reclaimed from the UK government’s Gift Aid scheme. This allows taxpayers to increase the value of their donation by 25%. This additional money is allocated to the charity’s administration fund.

Note: Not all funds in the administration account are used for administration. Surplus Gift aid funds are transferred to the charity’s relief account.